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Experience the vibrant flavors of Hanoi through our unique cooking classes at Duongs 2 Restaurant. Located in the heart of the charming Old Quarter, just a short walk from the picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake and a quick 1.5 kilometer journey from the bustling Dong Xuan market, our classes offer an immersive culinary experience.

Led by the renowned Top Chef Vietnam, Chef Duong, who has been recognized as one of the most innovative and skilled chefs in Hanoi, our cooking classes are a must-try for food enthusiasts. With a third-place finish on Top Chef Vietnam and regular appearances on Iron Chef Vietnam, Chef Duong is ready to share his expertise and secrets with you.

Join us for a morning or afternoon class and embark on a gastronomic adventure as Chef Duong guides you through the art of blending spices to create the iconic flavors of Hanoian cuisine. With 7 menu options to choose from, our classes cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you opt for a morning or afternoon session, you will be treated to a delicious lunch or dinner, respectively, as the culmination of your cooking experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of Hanoi’s top chefs and discover the true essence of Vietnamese cuisine.

Hanoi Cooking Class
Hanoi Cooking Class

There are 7 menu options

Monday Hanoi traditional beef soup with rice noodle ( Phở Bò )
Green mango salad with squid & prawn (Nộm xoài hải sản)
Grilled pork with herbs & fresh vermicelli (Bún chả)
Tuesday Hanoi traditional chicken soup with rice noodle ( Phở Gà )
Hanoi deep fried spring rolls (Nem rán Hà Nội)
La vong’s style grilled fish (Chả cá lã vọng)
Wednesday Hanoi traditional beef soup with rice noodle ( Phở Bò)
Banana flower salad with chicken & seafood (Nộm hoa chuối với gà và hải sản)
Grilled pork with herbs & fresh vermicelli (Bún chả)
Thursday Hanoi traditional beef soup with rice noodle (Phở bò)
Fresh spring rolls with pork & prawn (Gỏi cuốn tôm, thịt)
Grilled pork with herbs & fresh vermicelli (Bún chả)
Friday Hanoi traditional chicken soup with rice noodle ( Phở Gà )
Fresh spring rolls with pork & prawn (Gỏi cuốn tôm, thịt)
Grilled Beef Slice in Bamboo (Bò nướng ống tre)
Saturday Hanoi style traditional soup with chicken & rice noodles (Phở gà)
Noodle rolling with beef and vegetable ( Phở cuốn bò )
La vong’s style grilled fish (Chả cá lã vọng)
Sunday Hanoi traditional beef soup with rice noodle ( Phở Bò )
Fresh spring rolls with pork & prawn (Gỏi cuốn tôm, thịt)
Grilled pork with herbs & fresh vermicelli (Bún chả)

Our expert guide will pick you up from your hotel via taxi or motorbike and take you to the cooking class. From there, you will embark on a unique Cyclo trip to the local market where you will have the opportunity to meet the Chef and get a glimpse into his daily routine. As you explore the bustling market, the Chef will share valuable tips on how to select only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

After gathering all the necessary ingredients, the Chef will accompany you back to Duongs Restaurant. Along the way, you will make stops to sample various street foods, adding even more flavor to your experience. During the lesson, the Chef will not only teach you how to create beautiful decorations to elevate the presentation of your dishes, but also share essential knife skills that are crucial for any aspiring chef. Get ready to unleash your inner culinary artist!

Duration: 4 hours

You can ​choose​ the​ ​morning class at 8.30 am – 12.30 pm or​ afternoon ​class ​at ​14.30 pm – 18.30 pm everyday.

Cost (per person in USD):

1-10 people $55

Why should experience with us?

♥ Free pick-up

♥ Welcome drinks

♥ Cyclo tour

♥ Market tour

♥ All food tasting in market

♥ Fresh fruit carving

♥ Special tips from chef

♥ Special gift

♥ Recipe

♥ English speaking staff

What are we different?

Perfect location

Based in an elegant corner of Duongs 2 Restaurant, Duong’s Cooking Class located in 101 Ma May Street, Hanoi, one of 36 ancient streets in Hanoi Old Quarter – The area for tourists in Hanoi! It’s gonna be easy for all the lovely tourist stay in the centre to join the class.

Unique class atmosphere

Totally different from other COOKING CLASS you ever joined before, we did not open a cooking class as a kitchen with many kitchen tools, stoves & white brick! Duong Cooking Class will be held in the elegant corner in the second floor of Duongs 2 Restaurant, aim to make you feel more friendly & comfortable when make your own dishes.

Including market walking culture tour

For all the guests joined the class, We will offer a free Market Walking Culture Tour by going to visiting a traditional market to learn more about the culture of Vietnam such as going to grocery store everyday, architecture of Vietnam traditional house, lifestyle of Hanoians and by some more necessary ingredients for the coming class.

English speaking chef

Some other Cooking classes in Hanoi they hold the class with Vietnam speaking Chef and a translator. That is ok but if the class was instructed by an English speaking Chef is better for in the process of conveying the flavor dishes for the trainees.

Teaching decorations

Normally, a basic cooking class just show you the way to cook a dish with their right flavor in the right way! But in Duong Cooking Class, our Chef will show you how to decor the dishes how to make it suitable for the taste of dishes.

Special extras

Joining Duong Cooking Class, any trainee will get some special extras from Duongs 2 Restaurant! A special gift will be given as a souvenir; all the recipes of the dishes you made in the class on that day will be shared being easy for you to cook it for your friends & family when you come back to your country.

Find a cooking class in Hanoi

Many visitors come to Hanoi to enjoy the fabulous food on offer in the city. From the Michelin starred restaurant to the humble local bistro, Vietnam food has something for every taste and wallet too.

Choosing a cooking class in Hanoi
Choosing a cooking class in Hanoi

For some, a fascination with Vietnam cuisine is sparked and rather than take home just memories of good food or a culinary souvenir, they desire a more substantial memento of their stay. For gastronomes like these, a cooking class in Hanoi is a great way to take a little of Hanoi home with them. Choosing a cooking class in Hanoi might not seem easy, with so many courses on offer. At Duongs 2 Restaurant, however, we think our approach gives our traveller a unique experience of cooking in Hanoi.

A unique cooking class in Hanoi

Duong cooking class
Duong cooking class

We at Duongs 2 Restaurant like to give our traveller a better understanding of Vietnam food and its place in the development of Vietnam culture. Our cooking class in Hanoi begins in the food market, where our traveller learn to select the best produce available.These freshest of in season ingredients then form the basis of our menu for the day. Back in the kitchen, the cooking begins.

Learning new skills at our cooking class in Hanoi

Learning to buy the right ingredients is one cornerstone of good Hanoi cooking and another is developing basic cooking skills. Each of our courses teaches some of the same techniques that every Vietnam chef must master to achieve professional certification.

Learning to basic cooking skills
Learning to basic cooking skills

Our cooking class in Hanoi also features a teaching technique which is unique to Duong’s 2 Restaurant and helps our traveller learn more quickly and retain the knowledge they gain.Our chef teachers are informal and relaxed and spend the day talking about the various ingredients and dishes and the history that led to their appearance on our plates.

A cultured cooking class in Hanoi

We passionately believe that the best way to understand a nation’s culture is to understand the food that it eats and throughout our day we share our thoughts on the history and people that have shaped our cuisine.Our cooking class in Hanoi then concludes as we enjoy the three course meal that we have prepared, accompanied by matching wines.

Traditional market in the old quarter
Traditional market in the old quarter

As we enjoy our food, we continue with discussions around the table on Vietnam culture and food. This combination of professional tuition placed in a wider cultural context leaves our traveller with a deeper understanding of Vietnam cuisine and some unforgettable memories.

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